His music is sensitive and expressive, while his sound technique is acute and mature.

Born and raised in a Northern Ontario community, Ron Laframboise expelled life’s skepticism’s and tribulations by emerging complete time and energy in the art of music. “I had a chance to truly express my views and life experiences through my music. Each piece I write is from emotions I’ve felt, from events that shaped my life. I’ve been accused of being oversensitive. I’m guilty of it, and proud of it! I deal from the heart and my music is my way of expressing my deepest thoughts and reflections,” adds Mr. Laframboise. His interest in this art form sparked at an early age. Influenced by members of his family with various musical talents, music became his inspiration, entertainment and the absolute love of his life. Immersed in mastering his craft, he pursued studies in private schools and studios. He also attended numerous workshops featuring great teachers such as the great jazz guitarist “Barney Kessel” who is associated with Barbara Streisand and Billie Holiday fame.

Today, Ron is a professionally trained musician. His extensive background and varied talents are a testimony of an accomplished artist. He has earned an illustrious reputation as a valued sideman for many artists. Ron has toured nationwide as bassist with former Rolling Stones’ guitarist “MICK TAYLOR“, and performed live television broadcasts with Gospel Country singer/songwriter KELITA HAVERLAND. He has also worked as bassist with Canadian producer/songwriter ZACK WERNER, of Canadian Idol fame. He has performed with acts opening for major recording artists. Ron’s studio credits include jingles, demos and CD album session work in Ottawa, Toronto, Kitchener and Sudbury. His on stage persona has been captured in videos on CMT, and in educational videos in Quebec. Ron’s work as producer/arranger for various songwriters, has taken those songs to the top 10 charts in Europe, including The Netherlands, Germany, etc.

“Over the course of my musical career, I’ve been blessed to have accompanied many great people; I’ve also given totally of myself in developing other up-and-coming recording artists. For me, these experiences have been very fulfilling and rewarding. I have reached the crossroads in my life where I wish to share my own compositions with listeners of all ages, and present them on a much higher level”, states Ron. His art form is not a false front of colored embellishments. It’s the real thing! He relies on his years of training to create premier quality music and meaningful musical statements.

Ron’s love for percussion and stringed instruments take his musical approach into a unique style of arranging and composing. His tasteful blend of melodious styles is a stimulating and satisfying offering. His bona fide passion for music exemplifies marked versatility and eminent musicianship. His original material, based on real life experiences, reflects an honest and true appreciation for life and self-expression. Song titles such as “It Was Only Yesterday” and “The 5th Season” will paint a scene for listeners. “My music becomes a backdrop for the audience. There, they can escape the day to day events and feel from the heart!” as he relates to listeners.

Ron’s technical riches are astonishing as is his musical wealth of talent for producing and arranging. This crystalline sparkle renders a solid and balanced musical presentation in recorded works. “Music plays an integral part of my life and is very symbolic of well-being. There’s so much more to express in the next decade.”